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Prevost Stri - transporteur spécialisé


Created as Transports PREVOST in 1977 when this courageous & determined family business of Serge, Charles and Mireille acquired their first truck. Serge « the father » drove at night, Charles “the son” drove during the day time and Mireille “the daughter in law” ran administration and accounting.




Today the Prevost group comprises 280 employees and 450 vehicles.

The total surface area of the group’s different installations is 50000 m2 including 10000 m2 of buildings.

The company’s annual turnover of 42 Million € (2008) is the result of well managed business expansion.

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Prevost Stri - TransporteurPrevost Stri - arts et spectacles - groupage - logistique

Prevost Stri - Transporteur
Prevost Stri - Transporteur
  • 1981 saw the creation of « car transportation activity» with equipment permitting luxury transport.
  • In 1988 the air cargo business was launched, including a Franco-Italian specialty.
  • By 1992 expansion included the opening of a Hungarian subsidiary covering all Eastern Europe.
  • 2001 Prevost diversifies creating their “express transport” business.

Prevost group still apply their rigorous family spirit to create “a la carte” transport solutions for their customers. Transport services use high quality transportation equipment which adds value to the image of the transported goods.

 24h a day, 7 days a week, the Prevost group is at your disposal. Even outside business hours assistance is just a phone call away.